Wolf Token is the Standard ERC-20 Token smart contract with Name, symbol, and initial supply function with collateral Ethereum to mint more Wolf Token in the market supply.
A bonding curve is a mathematical curve that defines a relationship between price and token supply. Bonding curve offering is a smart contract created to give tokens a market by making buy and sell functions. To buy WOLF tokens, the user needs to send Ethereum (ETH) to the born (Mint) function (with this function Wolves are taking birth) which calculates the average price of the token determined by the smart contract by following the linear curve formula. The sell function works in reverse: first, the user needs to take the bonding contract with permission to take the number of tokens you want to sell (ERC20.approve() ), and then you trigger the function to take those tokens from the user. The contract will calculate the current average selling price, and the user will send the correct amount of Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. Token prices increase and decrease as they are purchased and sold from the contract, respectively.
1. Visit Werewolf Decentralized official website, which is https://app.werewolf.exchange
2. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi interface.
3. Enter the amount of Ethereum(ETH), you want to deposit to buy WOLF Token.
4. Click on Buy Wolf Token and submit the transaction in Metamask and wait for the transaction confirmation.
5. Cheers! You have successfully participated in the Werewolf IBCO, and WOLF will be transferred to your wallet address.
Werewolf Assets are a Decentralized Asset based on non-fungible token ERC-721 that is unique at every mint process. NFTs are enable any unique asset to be traced and traded with all the corresponding liberties as its fungible token that are useful in gaming, art, and the provenance of luxury assets. There are 3 NFT available on platform Alpha NFT, Beta NFT and Omega NFT
You can stake your WOLF Token into Full Moon Pools. Following are steps to stke your WOLF Token
1. Visit https://app.werewolf.exchange/
2. Click on Stake Menu
3. Enter the number of WOLF Token to stake in a pool.
4. Click on Approve and wait for the transaction confirmation.
5. Now stake your WOLF Token by clicking stake button on desired Moon pool.
The legend of the werewolf, the mythological creature from ancient folklores, has always been a part of our mainstream storytelling. The idea of a deadly creature that appears like an average person on most days but will transform into their viciously powerful form during the full moon’s complete rising has always fascinated us. So we gave mythic touch to our platform and create 12 Full Moon Pools where Investors can stake their WOLF Token to get WWC and NFT in return on the day of Full Moon.
You can stake your WOLF Token in one or more Moon Pool/s
You can get WWC by either
1. Staking your WOLF Tokens in any Moon Pool
2. By AirDrop
     Steps to get WWC by AirDrop
1. Click on NFT menu on Werewolf platform
2. Click on Born/Start to proceed further.
3. Select your NFT type [Alpha/Beta/Omega Werewolf].
4. After that you can change Looks and Color of Werewolf NFT using editor except their eye color as eye color is distinguishing characteristic for each Werewolf type. Click on 'Random Werewolf' button to choose from random color combinations generated by system. Using Prime Werewolf option, you can choose Werewolf in single color tone. Apart from this we also gave facility to change color of each part of Werewolf NFT as you desire.
5. You need to lock that Werewolf NFT using Confirm Werewolf button for selected variations before you proceed further.
6. Then select the region [Territory] in which you want your Werewolf NFT will belong. Here Region/Territory will be state of particular country. Each such territory will have only 1 Alpha Werewolf NFT in it. No two Alpha NFT will belong to a single territory. When Beta Werewolf NFT is born, it will be associate with a single territory and will be included in pack of Alpha Werewolf of that territory by default. Omega can be born in a territory but it is not bound to that territory or an Alpha Pack.
7. After that give your Werewolf NFT a name.
8. Now you can own that Werewolf NFT after finishing purchase [Approval and Minting process].

Learn more about Alpha, Beta, Omega NFT
Following are the Contract Addresses for Werewolf